Earthly Guide for Vacationing Aliens

How many of you have ever bought a travel book when visiting a new place? Exactly – we all have! That’s why I am writing a travel book for aliens visiting Earth. It’s still a work in progress, but in the first chapter, I list the five most important things aliens should know when visiting Earth:

  1. Blending in is a must, therefore consider visiting on Halloween day.
  2. If non-earthly means of transportation are necessary, travel at night with your lights off.
  3. Telekinesis with most humans is a one-way conversation.
  4. Beware of people dressed in black clothing wearing dark sunglasses.
  5. Abductions, while fun and informative, should be kept to a minimum and only performed on consenting adults.

These musings brought to you by Doctor S. Check out his adventures in the books entitled “Welcome to Earth, Doctor S” and “Doctor S and the Great Diamond Escapade”.

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