Halloween is by far my favorite Earthly holiday. You get to dress up in crazy looking or scary costumes and then you get to walk around threatening strangers on their property to give you candy. If they refuse you have declared your right to play tricks on them. Whoever thought of this was a genius!  The only thing I would change, however, is the saying.  Trick or treat isn’t much of a threat. The trick, or threat as I prefer to view it, simply isn’t specific enough.  As a result, people don’t really hear the threat.  Now, if you’re dressed up as a blood thirsty zombie, it would seem more appropriate to say something that shows you mean business.  Perhaps something along the lines, “Give me candy, or I’ll eat your brain!”.   If you’re dressed as a witch, perhaps something along the lines, “Don’t make me turn you into a zombie, give me something tasty.”  Funny how, on any other day, the same behavior would either get you arrested, institutionalized, or shot.

These musings brought to you by Doctor S. Check out his adventures in the book entitled “Welcome to Earth, Doctor S.”

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