Stumping the internet

You’ve surely heard people say that everything is on the internet, right? But did you ever put it to the test? I did! I Googled all sorts of crazy things to see if it was true. What did I search, you ask?

  • Fireproof diapers: It’s a real thing – turns out one of the absorbent materials inside diapers is a good fire retardant.
  • Two headed cats: They’re called Janus cats and one was recently born in Oregon.
  • Blizzard in the desert: It happened in part of the Sahara in 2018.
  • Flying train: It doesn’t exist yet, but it is in the works.
  • Skinless bananas: Recently developed by people in Japan.
  • Toys for elephants: There are many on the market.
  • Hair strand carvings: It’s been done – there’s actually a comic strip carved on a hair strand.

Did I manage to stump the internet? No, I did not…but you can imagine all the crazy ads that now appear on my computer.

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