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Appliance Awareness Week

Appliances are getting smarter and smarter, yet they get no respect. They get overstuffed, doors get slammed, and they don’t get cleaned regularly. That’s why I’m declaring the next seven days as “Appliance Awareness Week”, otherwise known as… Read More

Smiley Face Crystals

I recently learned about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water and have been fascinated ever since. You see, he observed that water forms beautiful crystals when water is treated with love and respect, whereas water treated with disrespect… Read More

Artificial Intelligence

People everywhere are talking about artificial intelligence like it’s going to revolutionize the world – seemingly for the better. While I may not be an expert on this topic, I think a re-branding is in order. Let’s face… Read More


How does a language evolve to contain contranyms, i.e., words with opposite meanings (e.g., Bolt – to fasten or to flee quickly)? After all, throughout history there were professional lexicographers keeping track of words and their definitions. A… Read More