Zipline Commuting

Why ziplining is confined to forest canopies is beyond me! Ziplining is fun and it’s fast, so why not use it as a mode of transportation in cities?  Think about it – cities are packed with buildings of varying heights. So, the city canopy is really not that different from the forest canopy, it’s just a lot higher. Aren’t you sick of wasting time sitting in traffic?  Aren’t you sick of being stuck on overly crowded trains? How many times have you shown up to work half asleep from a boring commute? Now, imagine showing up to work smiling, with an exhilarated look on your face that screams “I’m so happy to still be alive!” It’s like an all-natural coffee substitute. Seems like a no-brainer to me!

These musings brought to you by Doctor S. Check out his adventures in the books entitled “Welcome to Earth, Doctor S” and “Doctor S and the Great Diamond Escapade”.

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